Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stranger Now Featured on Actor Access Mobile's Preview Page

I feel so blessed to receive such cool exposure on Actors Access, one of the biggest casting services in North America. I found out about this last week from my actor friend, Tiger Sheu.

I have received an outpouring of support from many friends and family members regarding this news and the film, which has made this unexpected exposure that much sweeter. I have received impassioned online messages from a family friend and a fellow filmmaker! When I found out that a HS classmate of mine recommended Stranger Now to her friends, I allowed myself to enjoy a sense of accomplishment. This is one of the highest form of compliments an artist can receive. I'm thinking about my fellow filmmakers and supporters who helped make this film happen. I am filled with joy.

If you're interested, the movie is now available on Vimeo ( Here is the official FB page.

By the way, I hope to join Tiger at the SXSW premier of his film, Blacktino, produced by producer of Spy Kids and Sin City (by Robert Rodriguez) and starring Danny Trejo and Jeff Fahey. Big CONGRATS to Tiger!

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