Friday, October 29, 2010

The Zone featured on mentioned my work for The Zone in its interview with Roy Vongtama, the creator/writer. "How long did it take to make a trailer/teaser for the Zone?"
Roy: "Well, the process was an intense. It took about a month from the time I heard we were one of the five finalists for the Fox Diversity/MAPID Pilot Shootout. I brought on a great director, Ignatius Lin, to help direct the trailer..."

Moreover, Roy and I had a wonderful lunch meeting with Fox people last week. Today, Roy pitched the show to Fox's development execs. The meeting went very well as they asked many serious questions. They also dug the demo trailer very much, calling it very professionally done.  

Link to the entire article.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Zone won the Fox Diversity/MAPID API Pilot Shootout

I love to share a wonderful news with you. The TV trailer I directed won ID Film Festival's API Pilot Shootout Competition, and the audience voted me Best Director of the competition. 

Beating out other hundred-or-so submissions, the writer and I win a lunch meeting with Fox TV Execs. I felt so excited that day; it almost went by like a blur! So many cast & crew and supporters turned out.  Now I'm doing my best to prepare for that meeting.

(Accepting the Director's Award)

Although I didn't admit it to myself, I felt increasingly anxious as the announcement of the director's prize neared. I felt a sublime combination of joy and relief when my name was announced!

I looked up and saw the enthusiastic cast & crew, friends and family, who came to show their support and were rewarded with the great news! 

Roy Vongtama, the lead actor and writer, and the rest of cast and crew (including Moe Irvin from Grey's Anatomy) look at me as I excitedly ascend the stairs to join them! 

Roy and I had a nice conversation with one of the judges (Lily Mariye from ER) afterward. Lily, also an accomplished writer, gave many constructive, positive feedback. 

Friday, October 8, 2010