Monday, April 26, 2010

Project:Involve Showcase | Film Independent

Showcase of short films by some of the best indie filmmakers today. It takes place this Thursday at the magnificent Disney Concert Hall (REDCAT). And it's FREE! 

It is sponsored by my fellowship, Project:Involve. For more info:

Project:Involve Showcase | Film Independent

Sundance Names 13 for June Directors & Screenwriting Labs

                                                               (photo courtesy of

Thirteen projects were selected by the Sundance Institute for itsJune Directors and Screenwriters Labs, taking place at the SundanceResort in Utah June 1 - 25. Spearheaded by Michelle Satter, Director ofthe Sundance Feature Film Program, and Artistic Director Gyula Gazdag,this year’s crop of participants include projects hailing from theUnited States, Ireland, the Middle East, Romania, Spain and Uzbekistan.

indieWIRE: Sundance Names 13 for June Directors & Screenwriting Labs | Film Independent

Monday, April 19, 2010


I am fascinated by duels. I often wonder how it would be to depict duels in a movie that is set in modern-day. I came across an article on the rationality of duels written by an Amherst economics professor. Apparently engaging in duels is a rational act for those living in a society where credit markets are non-transparent and highly personal in nature. In other words, if one fails to pay back a loan, he is compelled to defend his honor or face the prospect of not being able to get another loan again.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Directing Assignment sponsored by NBC-Universal and Film Independent

I got selected to direct a short sponsored by NBC-Universal and Film Independent! The story is about a homeless man who is building a beautiful model home. When the "home" is accidentally damaged, he is forced to seek help from a teenage boy, new to homelessness, who has the tools to fix the home.

Homeless is a widespread problem, especially severe in LA. I hope to address this subject matter in an authentic, heartfelt manner. The movie I want to reference is Jason Reitman's Up in the Air -- for its social consciousness, compassion for the characters, and focus on how people relate and change each other.

Film Independent will provide cash stipend for the shoot, and NBC-Universal will provide equipments and props.

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