Friday, May 20, 2011


The short debuted at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on Tuesday, May 3rd to a packed audience inside the CGV theater in Korea Town. The cast, crew, and the supporters really enjoyed the whole experience from the photo call to the hanging out afterwards. 

ETTV, a global Chinese news outlet interviewed me and Cody, the boy actor, on the red carpet. We discussed the film in the context of the homelessness problem and the economic recession. I also spoke about the wonderful collaboration with Collin, who was filming in China and couldn't attend.

Abe, the co-director of the Festival & a true friend of filmmakers, conducted the post-screening Q&A. He asked some very thoughtful questions, and I thought, "Man, I better step up to the plate."

Many people stayed afterwards to chat. Here I'm with my collaborators, some of them couldn't make it for the photo call. Honestly, it was a hectic evening for me. Wave after wave of people approached me to talk. At the same time, seeing the big smile on everyone's faces made this a night impossible to forget.


Ignatius Lin

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Here Try This: How to evaluate your ideas

Here Try This: How to evaluate your ideas: "It is exciting to think of ideas for a new business opportunity; that's the beginning of a journey for any entrepreneurs. When you discover ..."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


97 Facebook shares, 5-star rating on the festival page.

STRANGER NOW (sponsored by NBC-Uni & FIND, starring Collin Chou) PREMIERES IN 12 HOURS at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. It is a story about an unlikely friendship between a boy and a homeless man.

We are very fortunate to be receiving international press coverage for this movie. Here are links to some of the articles, if you're interested: Ovation, SingTao, and World Journal.

Tickets are still available. We love to see you there and truly appreciate your help to spread the words. And please consider following my FB page, twitter feed, or this blog - if you aren't signed up already.