Monday, June 28, 2010

LA Film Festival: Roger Corman

 (Peter Fonda, Peter Bogdanovich, Joe Dante, Julie Corman, Roger Corman, Curtis Hanson)

As a director/writer fellow for Film Independent, I received a free pass to the LA Film Festival in downtown LA. It was incredible!! I met so many passionate filmmakers and film lovers and attended many cool screenings and panels.

For me the highlight of the festival was probably the Corman tribute. It took place at an intimate venue inside the Grammy museum. Roger Corman, a legendary American independent producer, was to be honored by those whose careers he launched or helped develop. Beforehand, I knew that Corman would be there and Curtis Hanson (director of LA Confidential, 8 Miles, Wonder Boys) would moderate.

When I arrived at the venue, I could feel a buzz in the air. I sat about 5 rows from the stage. During the introduction by the festival director, Rebecca Yeldham, I looked over to the corridor behind me. My heart almost lept out of my chest. I saw Roger Corman (cool but no surprise). Then I saw PETER FONDA and PETER BOGDANOVICH!!! These are movie gods. I become really excited.

When these men were joined on the stage by Joe Dante (director of Gremlins) and Julie Corman (wife and producing partner), everyone in the audience knew this was going to be a special evening.

To be cont.