Monday, November 15, 2010

15 minute sneak peak of Tron Legacy

I was treated to 15 minutes of Tron Legacy last Wednesday at the AFI Festival's Sony 3D workshop. AFI and Disney were very concerned about the footage leaking and warned us to turn off our cellphone or risk getting escorted out of the theater.

The lights dimmed. We didn't know what really to expect. We thought it might just be an extended trailer or one scene, but the sneak peak just kept going and going. We saw scenes of the "real" world with a young Jeff Bridges, courtesy of CGI. Then bam!, like the protagonist, we got transported into the Tron world, and that was when the 3D effects took off. They weren't intrusive or showy -- just enough to feel as if you're in a hyper-reality world. Awesome bikes, cars, a city of lights. A gladiator-style tournament involving cutting your opponent in half with a sharp frisbee.

IT WAS A RIDE, in every sense of the word!! When it was over, I felt they showed too much! They could have just showed us 7 minutes of Tron Legacy, and we'd have gladly paid to watch the rest. Disney, why did you have to play with us like that?!

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Ignatius Nash Lin said...

The visual definitely rocked! My small concerns are will the b&w and neon visuals become boring if I watch it for 1 hr. Also, will the father-son story line have a good pay-off. I know I'm asking a lot for a sfx, action sci-fi movie, but I'm setting the bar high for this flic-- can't help it.