Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terminator Salvation Producer: Dan Lin

Dan Lin is an up-and-coming Hollywood producer who has a special knack for shepherding blockbuster projects through the studio system.

He helped reboot the Terminator franchise and is working on the finishing touches of the action-oriented Sherlock Holmes. He spoke about these movies and the new Lara Croft prequel at the premier of Terminator here.

After graduating from Harvard Business School, he rose to become a creative executive at Warner Brother's. He later decided to strike out on his own "to be more entrepreneurial." He spent his childhood in Taiwan and Hong Kong before moving to the States, which mirrors my own childhood.

Dan is perhaps the most active and powerful Taiwanese-American producer in Hollywood. He comes across as articulate and intelligent in his interview. Tracking this "pioneer's" career will be interesting from both an artistic and cultural stand point. Along with Ang Lee winning the Oscars and Justin Lin directing the wildly successful Fast and Furious franchise (to name a few other examples), it signals that Chinese and Taiwanese people's passion for cinema is beginning to bear fruits on the American-global stage.

For Variety's profile on Dan Lin here

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