Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fast and Furious Review

Bottom Line: flashes of brilliant dramatic and action sequences throughout the movie, but I wish director Justin Lin took the combustive relationship between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to its explosive climatic conclusion. If you like fast cars, hot women, and strong men, this is the movie for you.

More: Paul Walker's portrayal of a policeman as a borderline sociopath is at times scary and brilliant, reminiscent of Andy Lau/Matt Damon's portrayals in Infernal Affair/The Departed.

It will be interesting to see if Justin Lin and Paul Walker decide to take the darker side of Brian O'Connor to the next level.

Vin Diesel gives his one of his best performances ever. Gone are the blank stares that make the audience wonder did he forget his lines and the unintentionally comedic hollering. This time, Diesel lets his eyes and actions speak for him. Keep it up, and the Diesel has the chance to become the best action-hero in current cinema.

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