Monday, August 9, 2010

World Journal Interview Part 2

Here are additional excerpts from my recent interview with World Journal, the largest Chinese-language newspaper in North America:

"Ignatius Lin has reached many creative breakthroughs with his outstanding talent and ideas. If his latest short film, Stranger's Now, wins at the Austin Film Festival, it will become eligible for an Oscar nomination. That would be a proud achievement for the Chinese-American community.

At the age of 12, Ignatius immigrated to Los Angeles with his family. He wrote, directed, and acted in many plays from junior high through high school. Unlike many people, he didn't think attending film school is a prerequisite to making movies. Instead he graduated from Amherst College with a degree in economics. He said both filmmaking and economics deal with observations of human beings and have tremendous influences on people's lives. At the same time, an economics degree helps him with the business aspect of movie-making...

                                                                          (Amherst College)

For someone whose film career appears to be progressing rather smoothly, Ignatius actually encountered many setbacks. At first, he only focused on expressing his own ideas and neglected his audience. "What are you trying to say?" were many of his audience's feedback. Suffering these disappointments helped him realize that the most important thing is the exchange that takes place between the filmmakers and their audience... 

He came to understand that a director is a leader. The most special quality director must possess is the ability to harness the talent around him/her to tell a good story. Therefore, he is very open to hearing his collaborators' inputs. A good director must know how to inspire his/her actors rather than showing them how to act... Director is like a shepherd, ensuring that the actors stay on the right course and protecting them from external distractions."

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