Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My first visit to the Hollywood Magic Castle

My first visit to the Hollywood Magic Castle was an exhilarating experience.

Guests must be invited by club members. It was my luck that my cousin, Alex, was in town. His good friend, David, is a member, so he invited Alex, Alex's fiancee (Nellie), and me to the castle.

I arrived by myself while they waited for me inside. The entrance was narrow and resembled an entrance of an old, upscale apartment. I checked in at the small "lobby," which appeared to self-contained and led to nowhere. The girl who checked me in instructed me to walkup to the wall and chant a spell. The wall slid open, and Alex stood waiting for me on the other side.

Formal attires were required. The decorations were antique and fancy. The atmosphere there was sophisticated but not pompous. I don't think I can give too much details because I imagine the Castle would like to keep things secretive.

The most exciting part was the two magic performances I saw. I have never sat so close to any magician! I sat literally about 5 feet from them. You could feel the extra energy! The most memorable trick I witnessed involved a magician "teleporting" 4 coins from one hand to another. I watched really closely to see how it was done. In a couple instances I felt the secret curtain was peeled back just a bit, but I could never get a glimpse of the hidden mystery.

David, a skilled magician himself, executed many impressive card tricks as we waited for various performances. We were all enthralled by the hyper-reality of the castle, and as a fellow artist, I admired these magicians' ability to project a distinct persona, tell stories with their body and words, and entertain. Fortunately for me, David invited to come again in the future. I definitely intend to take him up on it!

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